What is Escape Quest?

Escape Quest is a real-life escape the room experience where teams of 2-8 players have to race against time to complete a mission and escape the room by using common sense, logic and teamwork. The teams will work together to look for clues, solve puzzles, codes, hidden messages and riddles in order to complete the room's mission and escape in under 60 minutes.

There are four missions available: Cannibal Lair, Poseidon's Jewel, Pharaoh's Curse, and (coming soon) all linked by an intriguing story-line. To learn more about each mission  and the story behind it, please refer to our Games section on the top of the web page.

Although it might be difficult to escape, don't worry, there are no hard physical activities involved in the games.

Why Escape Quest?

We are a fun and affordable option for team building, friends and family outings, date nights or even parties. Our 4 games are designed to comfortably accommodate both small teams as well as larger groups of up to 8 people per game. Our games feature custom built props and gadgets which enhance player experience and bring the story-line to life. We have convenient location and free parking. Our games are not overcrowded as other escape rooms around. If you arrive earlier than your scheduled time you can relax in our waiting area and get pumped up and ready for your mission. All of our rooms are private, meaning the only people going in there will be the people you came with! No strangers will ever be added to your game!

Do you have parking?

Parking is always available and free. It is located in front of our facility along West Main Street and on the side of the building. When you arrive at the Escape Quest, please ring the button on the intercom and one of our game hosts will open the door and check you in.

How many people can book into a room at one time and can other people join?

Each themed room mission has a designated amount of available tickets for sale, from 2 to a maximum of 8 to avoid overcrowding. No matter how many tickets are purchased, no other players will join, meaning it’s a private room JUST FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS! No strangers will be added! If you have over 8 players, we recommend splitting up into teams and competing against each other in different rooms to see who gets out the fastest!

How do I book an entire room?

All reservations are private, meaning the room is reserved ONLY for the amount of players YOU choose! If there is a total of 2 players, then only those 2 players will play, no strangers will be added!

How can I buy this experience for someone else?

We offer gift certificates that you can buy on our home page. You can buy a general one that will be good for any game, any time, or a specific one where you pick the game and time.

What about group bookings? And parties?

We offer discounted rates for groups. If you have over 10 different players, we offer 10% off, and if you have over 15 players, we offer 20% off. The maximum amount of players per room is 8. You can split your group into teams and compete against each other to see who gets out the fastest! Just book for adjoining times and you can come at the same time! If you're unsure of how many players you will have, just book for at least 2 for each game, and you can let us know when you find out, or come in and we'll help you take care of the rest!

Want to reserve our lobby and make it a private event just for you? Great! We also offer parties! We have several different party packages that will cater to your needs. Want to bring your own food? DONE! Want to sit back and relax while we provide awesome pizza and garlic knots? DONE! Mkae Escape Quest the place for your next fun-filled birthday or corporate team-building party!

We now also offer a mobile escape room where we come to YOU! Ourmobile escape room can be customized to fit your needs, whether it's for over 8 people in the room or just 30 minutes, we will work with you to ensure you have the coolest party around! Please email us for more information. 

For more information about groups and parties go to Groups section on our website.

For details and more information, please email us at escapequestli@gmail.com.

What if none of the times work for me?

If none of the dates or times work for you or your fellow players, let us know and we'll be happy to adjust to your schedule and add some games (on days off and earlier during the day too). If we are not open during the time that you would prefer, no problem, we'll cater to you! Just send us an email at escapequestli@gmail.com

Can I cancel my booking?

If cancellation is made 48 hours prior to your reservation, you will receive a full refund. If cancellation is made 24 hours prior to your reservation, you will receive a credit for a future game, to be used within 30 days. No cancellations are permitted within 24 hours of your reserved time. We understand that plans change, so we can reschedule if needed!

When do I have to arrive for your game? What happens if I arrive late?

We are a live event. Please arrive 15 minutes before your slotted time. In case you are running late, please let us know as soon as possible at (631) 381-0169. There are no refunds if you show up late, and you may have less than 60 minutes in the room, as we run on a schedule. We do not issue refunds. You will only receive a credit for a future game for cancellations made 24 hours before your reservation.

How long will the experience last?

The whole experience will last no more than 90 minutes. Please arrive 15 minutes before your slotted time. A short briefing will be made before the game to get you ready for the mission. You will spend around 60 minutes trying to complete the mission (the maximum given time). If you get stuck, don't panic! You get help from the game host, but don't go crazy! We would love if, after your successful mission (or attempt at completing it), you could share your experience with us while we take your photo and post it on social media (with your permission of course).

Is there an age limit?

We recommend the players to be at least ages 8 and upto be able to fully participate in our rooms. Cannibal Lair is for ages 16 and up. Players under 16 must be accompanied by an adult in the building.

Am I really going to be “locked” in a room?

Your safety is our number one priority! You are in the room by choice. If at any time you need to step out of the room due to an emergency, you can always do so by exiting through the door you entered (the first door in each room is not really locked). Remember, this experience will not be longer than 60 minutes, so come prepared! Don't forget to use the bathroom before the game starts!

I am pregnant or have a disability, can I play?

We can confirm that there are no physical challenges involved. Basic reading and problem solving skills are a great help. You never have to exert yourself in any way. We do not recommend to play Cannibal Lair for pregnant women due to possible fear emotions. Escape Quest is all about engaging with your team and having fun while finding clues and solving puzzles in a clean and safe environment so everyone can enjoy the experience. In all the rooms there is somewhere to sit down and, as a safety measure, players can exit the rooms at any time during the game through the first entry door in case of an emergency. If you require wheelchair access, please let us know ahead of time by giving us a call and we will ensure that our ramp is ready for you when you come to help you in any way that we can.

I have claustrophobia, can I play?

Our escape rooms are each based in fair-sized rooms with 9 feet ceilings but, of course, if at any time you become uncomfortable, the game rooms can be left during the game through the entry door. Having up to 8 people in there may get tight, so if you are clausterphobic, consider having less players in your group.

Cell Phone  and Alcohol Use.

You are allowed to have your phone and personal belongings on you during the game but please refrain from using them. If you need to take an emergency call, we ask that you step out of the room. Filming and taking photos inside the room is not permitted, you will have time to take photos after the experience.

We reserve the right to terminate game experience if we observe inappropriate behavior or intoxication. This is a family friendly environment. An Escape the room game is a challenging interactive puzzle experience that requires teamwork and your full attention. We highly recommend you plan your dinner and/or drinks for after the experience. There are a lot of restaurants, bars and cafes nearby. We reserve the right to terminate the game experience or turn away your party due to intoxication or inappropriate behavior with no refund.

Is there any video surveillance?

For your safety, there is 24/7 video surveilance. Cameras are located in each of the game rooms as well as the waiting area and the entrance.

If at any point you need a hint, the game host will be able to see what are stuck on and can help you out. You can ask for help whenever you need it!