A group of friends heading to a night concert tried to take a shortcut to save time and ended up taking a small dark dirt road. Very soon, their car broke down. Realizing they don’t have cell phone service and in need of help, the friends found an old boarded-up cabin nearby. The door was open and they walked in. As soon as they awoke from a sleeping gas, they found themselves in shackles in the basement. Realizing they are in a cannibal’s lair, they have only one hour to escape before the maniac returns. Can they escape from this monster by overcoming their fears? Or will they be turned into dinner and never heard from again?

NOTE: Cannibal Lair uses restraints as part of the game to make it a truly realistic experience, with it being a main goal to free yourself from them in the room. Safety is our first priority and we guarantee the safety of our players. In case of emergencies, all restraints will automatically disable and players can freely leave. By booking the reservation, you agree to these conditions.