Black Cauldron


A group of friends decided to go on a camping trip in the woods. They packed up the car and drove a few hours out to a secluded forest. After they set up camp, they lit a fire and decided to tell some scary stories. One of them says that he heard these woods are home to a witch! Hundreds of years ago when settlers came to this land, they were set on by a terrible plague which destroyed their crops, poisoned their water supply and brought a curse upon their houses. They blamed a local woman, called her a witch, and banished her to the woods. There she learned the secrets of the wild and took upon evil magic to survive. She cursed all those who may try to enter her domain! The next day, the group went on another hike and came across an abandoned run-down cabin. Curious to see if this is the home of the witch, they decide to enter. They walked in and realized that the legends were true, the witch exists! She wants to use them for her spells but decides to give the campers a test! If they pass her trials within the hour, she will let them escape to live another day, if they fail, she’ll use them for her evil magic!